santa monica stake-girls camp 2008

I know I am posting these MONTHS late. I think I needed time...

I've never had a baby so this is just a guess, but I'm thinking the reason I waited to revisit camp was a little like why you wait between having babies. so you have a baby and as awesome as it must be, it's probably a little hard right? (except for my sister in law who says going to the dentist is worse). but then by some force of divine design you kind of forget how hard it really was, and you start thinking...maybe I want another one.

ya, being in charge of girls camp is a lot like that. I needed time to forget and now all the memories are great!..well.......maybe I need a few more months.

I miss all the girls and the amazing leaders! there is nothing like bonding with a little dirt and grime. being outside most of the day, hearing the bugs at night and seeing the stars before you sleep. hmmmmmm. the food tastes better, you sleep sounder and being dirty just feels good.

here's to being "steadfast and immovable". walk tall ladies.