rock a hula baby!

as far as my little girl mind can remember my grandma thurston has crushed hard on elvis. I grew up having sleepovers in her bedroom with my mattress on the floor watching blue hawaii. I, along with my cousins, proceeded to buy her elvis lunch boxes, elvis mugs, elvis calendars, elvis clocks, elvis anything!! man it was and is cool to have a grandma who was not afraid of a little hip shaking and rock n roll.

kate and I have spent the last week with her and grandpa steve in kauai. she grew up on oahu and has always been my island grandma. believe it or not this was my FIRST time with her in hawaii. I always imagined her as a teenager in hawaii surfing and lounging around eating papayas......this vacation did not disappoint.

so here is a little video dedicated
to gram.

elvis and hawaii will always remind me of my wild, skip bo playing, island grandma!