the truth comes out

I found this post on this blog today, and I know it's not completely photography related (although a camera was mentioned) but I wanted to pass it along. I couldn't have said it better myself!

[Sam said: TAMN, I'm currently searching for my eternal companion, and your post for your searching sisters was great, but I'm a searching BROTHER! How/where do I find a girl even half as awesome as you!? And once I find her, what do I do to make her mine?

Seriously, great Q! SO glad you asked bc seriously, your attractive level is like your BMI but of even MORE eternal consequence. Single brethren, print this and put it under your pillow ASAP.

Seven Fab Ways To Snag Your Own Me

  1. Law/biz/medical/dental school is a m-u-s-t. If you can't get into those, chiropractor school is an acceptable backup. Teaching slash writing slash being good at cars or whatever else is fine for a hobby but NOT a job if you wanna seal the deal.
  2. Gym it up. If you can't actually GO to the gym a lot, def talk about it tons, keep a gym bag visible in the back seat, and act sore a lot. Its impeerically proven and ladies know it: six pack now --> stake pres later.
  3. Bring your camera EVERYWHERE and take a gazillion variations of these same 2 awesome pics: shot of your armpit as you hold the camera out with you guys smiling, shot of your armpit as you hold the camera out with you guys faking a serious pout. If you want to be taken seriously as a suitor, these pics should be on facebook within 2-4 hours.
  4. mention your mish ONLY IN PASSING. Plz, plz, plz, canNOT emphasize this enough...teensy stories are best bc entire stories are TOTAL yawners...if you insist on telling them, make 'em short and chalkful of things like brute strength and leadership experience. If you weren't AP you're probably outta your league, but if nothing else, worse case scenario you can throw in something about your eagle.
  5. Lines should be both smooth and to the point. "You look hot" is good, "You ARE hot" is better. "I always wanted to date someone spiritual" is good, "You could totally be a GA wife" is better. "Want to go to Anthro?" is good, "I want to take you to Anthro" is better. Must I go on?
  6. Heard of the no-touchy-in-the-strike-zone rule? What the nineteen eighties! Now it's the swimsuit rule (meaning, don't touch where a swimsuit would be) so thanx to modest bikinis there's TONS more leeway, but, DEFINITELY still keep both feet on the ground.
  7. Bring a notebook to firesides. Not to USE, as you'll ideally be busy playing with long multi-colored tresses and/or back scratching, but just carrying it speaks volumes about you.}