top chef

...I wish.

I think it's a rule that if you love photography you love food as well. those of us who are obsessed with the "senses" are a close knit bunch. I love the window light in my bathroom almost as much as I love wearing a big baggy sweatshirt, and I love the sound of crickets almost as much as I love the smell of onions and garlic sauteing...and taste! is there anything better than a fresh sunrise papaya with a squeeze of lime hitting your lips? what about bacon?!! bacon, bacon, bacon...
I even spent the majority of sunday morning looking up culinary schools in NYC. It's a serious thought.

so, with food on the brain, I thought it fitting to share some "food" photos.

bon appetit!

Ever been to Needles CA? Maybe Laughlin NV? I bought this delicious orange blossom honey off the side of the road in Needles. VERY good...and almost gone. go here to buy some.

I have a cute little meyer lemon tree, and when it was ripe for the picking I made a german pancake (shown) and some meyer lemon sorbet (not shown). both were good enough to eat.

" id=for st pattys day I tried this new petite pea souffle recipe that I found. If you like tarragon you will love this!!

lime ricky anyone? grape juice, 7up and limes. my version of addicting.

hello there bacon! you tasted very delicious wrapped around those asparagus bundles. easy easy! olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 350 for about 20minutes.