Talese and Greg- Feb 2, 2008

Greg was a "RA" back in his college days and Talese use to crush snails by closing her garage door on them. This is only the beginning of the dirt I found out about these two on their wedding day. Talese almost died when she was a baby and Greg came clean when he confessed, "I'm moody". Hands down the best thing I heard that whole day were the words both of them said about the other at the luncheon. I've listened to a lot of toasts and they gave the most sincere, heartfelt and touching tribute to each other, the best I've ever heard. I have trophys to give you next time I see you. I was honored to be there.

Keep on with being totally awesome and come visit me in LA!!

PS. You guys should look into professional couples modeling. People who look that good together should get paid.