Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

So, it's clear that Nikki is a supermodel. It is also clear that she pulls off glamour without breaking a sweat.....what may be harder to pick out is the fact that it was pouring rain outside.

With great panic, because these were taken only days before her wedding and we needed prints for the reception, I improvised and took them all inside my little apartment. We used my old, trusty red couch, a lamp that I bought at a thrift store and turned coal into diamonds!!

I am giving myself a pat on the back because I was not working with what I would normally use if shooting inside on a dark rainy day and yet I was happy and I dare say a little surprised that I like these images so much. They are moody, shadowy and a little mysterious, which begs the question,"Was it really the lighting?"

Great Beauty is always a mystery, and Nikki, you are puzzle everyone is trying to figure out, patent and copy, but I assure you, you will never be duplicated.

Three cheers for my beautiful friend.