Photoshop Faux Pas

Excuse my Lazy blogging this week. A post with lots of photos tomorrow. I just tweeted about this but for those of you not on Twitter...

Read This:

Warning: 10 Deadly Post Processing Sins

by Natalie Norton

And please for the love of us trying to keep face, FOLLOW IT.

(AND as long as you love what you do how you shoot and how you choose to edit, and are happy....well then just keep being happy. Art is subjective. I know that...I am just agreeing for my sake with her, that doesn't mean everyone has to agree with us....even though you should. HA!)

I keep wanting to make every "professional" photographer share unedited, raw, strait out of the camera images. That would be the most fair assessment of skill and experience for clients.

Maybe I will do a more in depth post on this later..could be interesting.