Crew Odom

Friends in life come and go. People move, get married, have children and it seems fewer and far between that old friendships remain intact. Nick and I have been lucky to have stayed friends through all those changes. Nick married Whitney a few years ago and I might like Whitney more than I like Nick now....I definitely like her more. She is laid back, funny and beautiful..because of those things and a few good things that nick might have contributed, they just gave birth to their first practically perfect baby, Nicholas Crew.

Crew looks like a miniature Nick. Their faces look exactly the same. Whit and I agree that this fact is very unfair considering she formed Crew inside her belly for 9months. Maybe you can dress him in girls clothes every once in awhile to make up for this

FYI: Whitney is an amazing hairstylist. She has an amazing fully functioning hair salon in their home and is way to busy for her own good. Email her if you are ready to have the best hair of your life.

I love you guys. I can't wait for you to have the rest of your 8 children!!