copyright Summer Nicole Photo

copyright Summer Nicole Photo

I was born on a cold, clear November night in Fairbanks Alaska. While my mom counted the minutes at home (me being two weeks overdue), I decided the time was finally right and was born a short 30 minutes later. While the Northern Lights filled the sky, they sped to the hospital and the doctor caught me with one hand.

I grew up changing my career goals from movie star to oil painter to dancer to therapist and in the end, fortuitously landed on photographer. I’ve always been drawn to ways I could express myself and communicate with others and photography lets me do both. Being a photographer serves my curiosity. It allows me to ask, look, stare and get close.15yrs later I can tell you, without question, it’s my dream career.

I have lived and worked in Salt Lake City, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Orange County, Kauai and now San Clemente, CA where I live with my husband Grant and our three kids, Nova, Fairbanks and Duke.

 I have traveled with camera in tow to 23 countries and daydream daily about all the places I still want to explore.

Besides photography and traveling I live for good food, sunshine and, more than anything, being a mom.